3record — planing and analysis features for your activities

3record is a planning and analysis tool that directly integrates with Strava and other services to help you get the best of your trainings and achieve an optimal form and fitness at your goal event. And it's free! Wanna try?

Track your fitness, train intelligently, and achieve your goals!

Complex algorithms for data analysis

3record goes much further than the traditional map display with distance and duration for each activity. Full algorithm to track your load and fatigue are provided internally and allow an in-depth grasp inside each activity but also a global view of your season and progress.

PMC, phenotyping, CP/FTP estimation, injury risk alerts, ... you name it!

Everything is automated, and additional help is available in a (to-be-completed) about section.

About section

Full integration and automation

3record can import your activities directly from Strava to complement what you already use.

Additionally, an easy configuration of a IFTTT recipe can make the import automatically as soon as you upload your activity to Strava..

IFTTT for Strava integration

Season planning to achieve goals

3record also provides tools to plan your activities in order to achieve your goals.

Planning is available at different levels, from a full-season "macro" planning, downto a "micro"-cycle (1-2 weeks) planning, or even a single workout planning.

Example workouts are provided in a library. And all planning features are even available to non-registered users!

Workout library

Who are you and why 3record?

Daniel and Jean-Claude Besse. We are two twin brothers from Switzerland with more than 15 years of triathlon practice (for personal info, see our blog at http://besse.info). In general, we love endurance sport and train a lot for it. We both studied engineering or science at university and started to get interested in getting a more scientifical approach to our training methodology. We always had a complete training journal in an Excel spreadsheet but felt this was not enough to really plan a season in advance and get the overall picture. Plus, all of our training data is now automatically collected by our watch or cycling computer, so why not benefit from this instead of having to fill the spreadsheet every day.

At this point, we started to look at specific software for this, but couldn't find a satisfying one. Either they were expensive, not full-featured, or very restrictive with data access (we lost one year worth of data when training with the Swiss federation due to a software company closing and didn't want to reproduce that).

So that's how we started our project in 2015. First, as a personal project just for us two, developing it in our free time. And then we decided to open it to friends in our triathlon team and other people interested (mostly with spread of words).

What is 3record capable of?

3record has started as a simple analysis software to replace our spreadsheet and as such was mainly focussed on getting the activities and generating reports over a year, a season, or whatever we wanted. Slowly we added features to compute load more effectively based on our new powermeter, HR-capable watch, or books and articles we found interesting. Now, 3record is able to analyse single activities in depth, give you overviews of your actual fitness and your progress, or help you plan your season in order to achieve your goals.

All the main reports we use on a regular basis are included. But this was not enough to us. What if someone needs something different? What if we read about something and want to try it out quickly? Getting knee-deep into the code is not always an option, so we built 3record leaving as much flexibility and a easy access to our data as we could. Expreval (short for expression evaluation) is a big part of it, being a mix between an API and some basic math functions, easily exportable to MATLAB or octave. It sure is complex and for advanced users (mainly us), but it means that ideas can be tested quickly and that our data can be exported easily (ie, won't be lost).

Can I try it?

Currently account creation is possible by logging in from Strava, but some initial manual tweaking is still required. We will receive an email if you do it and will have to handle it ourselves. So maybe contact us if you have ideas, or just need help.

Have more questions? Contact us!

Links in the footer show our blog (with our contact there), the about section which contains basic help and a FAQ, a link to our bug tracker.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us!