3record is a log book for all your sport activities mainly focused on triathlon. It allows for fast activity logging and simple analysis.


Manual activities

To add a manual activity, simply go to the calendar and click on an empty part of the correct day.

Alternatively, you can go to

Import from external services

3record integrates external services for automatic import and filling of the calendar. Currently the following services are supported:


Precomputed metrics and analysis

When a new activity is added, 3record computes a set of metrics for it and displays them on the view page for the activity.

These metrics are then also used for a training load analysis over longer periods such as the current year or a season. These data is then to be seen in details in the analysis section or in summary next to the calendar.

A list of the metrics with their explanation is available at the about metrics page with the power-duration models fitted to the data in the about PD models page.

Custom metrics and analysis

Extending the analysis with personal metrics and analysis can be done via custom expressions and their evaluation.

These metrics cannot be tracked though and visualization is left to external softwares as well (but export is very easy). This service is provided as an open access to your data.

Discover all the possibilities at the about custom expressions page.

Help and more

List of about pages

Strava import of activities for analysis.
Custom expressions for advanced data handling.
Metrics of the performed analyses.
Power estimation
Power estimation formulae from velocity and grade.
PD models
Models used to fit the power-duration curve defined by MMPs.

FAQ and Knowledgebase

Answers to commonly asked questions and problems can also be found in the 3record FAQ.

Blog articles

Some articles related to 3record are also available in French on our personal blog:

Bug tracker

Bug and missing features can be reported at the bug tracker on bitbutcket:

Please be indulgent though; this site is our hobby and even though we make our best efforts to maintain it, support cannot be guaranteed.

Contact and support

For more complex request, our contact information is given in the footer (via our blog) or you can e-mail support (support at ...). But please, try to search the answer with the above means before that.